How To Win Money At A Casino With No Deposit

As online gambling increases in stature, so does the competition that is there in the industry. Today hundreds of casinos are vying to win and keep customers in a market that is utterly driven in the favor of the masses.

In the early days of online gambling, casinos would lure customers with bonuses. If you’d deposit $100 initially they would match your bet by the same amount. Once competition grew; many established sites started offering ‘match your deposit’ bonus on even subsequent deposits in order to rise above the competition.


Today online casinos are opening their doors even further by letting players try their luck without making any initial deposit whatsoever. As long as the player signs up and provides valid information, a casino will allow him or her to play. But how do you play if you have not deposited any money?

No deposit casino offers

This is where things get really interesting. Many online casinos will offer you a no deposit bonus. Imagine walking into a real life casino and being handed free chips to get started with without incurring any cost of your own. This is what a no deposit bonus is- an online casino is giving you X dollars in free money to get started with your gambling online.

Here are some examples of no deposit offers:

  • 20 slot spins free without deposit
  • $200 and 60 minutes of totally free play
  • $150 free to play, no deposit required
  • 100 bid bets free, no deposit

If you are interested in any form of gambling then rest assured that there is a ‘no deposit’ bonus on offer that is sure to interest you. Of course, the casinos are hoping that you would bet some of your own money too after exhausting this original bonus, however for someone new to gambling these offers are heaven sent.

Advantages of online casino ‘no deposit’ offers for players

Practice for free

First and foremost, these bonus offers allow a player to try out a casino without worrying about losing money. If you are new to any form of gambling then this lets you learn the rules and the nuances of the game so that you are better prepared when it comes time to playing with your own money. Personally I think that this is a great risk free opportunity to get into online gambling.

Win some cash

Just because this bonus money is just being handed to you does not mean that it doesn’t count for nothing. For instance, if you win with this bonus money then the winnings are all yours to keep. This means that if you took a $50 bonus offer and went on a winning streak, then you probably won’t need to put in any of your own money at all.


Tryout an online casino

Playing risk free with the casino’s own money allows you to judge a casino and how they operate. If you like their games, their interface and the support they provide then you can choose to play them with on a long term basis. On the other hand, if they are a lousy operation setup hastily to scam money, then you will be able to stay clear of them without worrying about any financial losses.

Great for beginners

If a friend or a family member of yours wants to get into online gambling then suggesting a good ‘no deposit’ online casino for them is a great idea. They can sample the games and choose one they like for the next time that they’ll want to play with their own money. After all the idea of risk and losing all money is why many people stay far away from gambling. Casinos that require no deposit make this situation easier for such players.

At the same time many casinos offer free deposits for old players too if they refer in any new ones. So for every new member you send their way, an established casino will always throw some bonuses your way.

While the idea of a no deposit casino might inherently be a promotional one, it really works in the favor of the customer. As long as you choose the right offer to suit your style of play, you can make these offers really work in your favor.