Why I Love Playing Online Casino Blackjack Games

Most of my friends refuse to believe that I exclusively gamble online nowadays. For them gambling is about drinking, shiny lights, glamor, crowds of people, lots of noise and fancy dealers wearing tuxedos. While I don’t deny that that whole experience can be quiet intoxicating and enjoyable, but for those of us who want to play serious blackjack or other such games without spending an arm and leg, online casinos are the best option. Sure they might lack the glitz and glamour of Vegas but the advantages that one can enjoy when playing at online casinos more than make up for it.

Even more than the enjoyment factor, I enjoy the prospect of making some extra cash. Who doesn’t? As much fun as gambling is there is no better feeling than winning some handy money. Only those who have gone through this high will truly understand. Most people unfortunately do not because they barely had a chance to win money while they were so busy getting lost in the mirage that is Vegas. What are these so-called advantages than?

No need to move a finger

Okay I got that slightly wrong. You will have to move your finger, as online gaming will certainly call for you to use a computer, however it’s the ease of online gambling that attracts me and millions of other players online to it. You do not need to travel anywhere, spend extra money paying for hotels and food or on tipping 100 different people. With online casinos you simply need to log on to the casino website and start playing. When I tell this to most people they struggle to believe that. Is it really that easy? It is indeed.


Play as you like

In a real-world casino you always have people around you whether it’s the dealer in front of you, the other players on the table or the bystanders behind you watching the game. A game like blackjack needs your focus and wits at your disposal you and you simply cannot afford to lose concentration or even worse, get affected by others were around you. This very often happens during gameplay. Perhaps the other players on the table are fast players and you might find yourself struggling to keep up with them. Maybe it is the other way around- they are beginners and the slow speed of play is frustrating you to your wits ends.

No such worries when it comes to online casinos. You can play at your own pace. You can take 10 seconds or 10 minutes to ponder over your decisions. There is no hurry and no delay. This allows you to play with complete concentration without suffering from any sort of distractions.

Practice makes perfect

This is doubly true for a game like blackjack where your fate is not entirely dependent on luck. It is a game of decision-making and mathematics, which also means that with practice and studying different strategies, you actually have a great chance of making substantial amount of money just by playing the game. However unlike poker you cannot practice blackjack with your friends or family. At the same time regular visits to a real-world casino are not possible for all of us. That’s why many serious players choose to practice online instead. You can practice at any time you want, in a scenario that is an exact replica of a real casino thereby building skills to a great level. Given the kind of free signup offers online casinos are handing out nowadays it makes even more sense to play and practice blackjack online.


Bonus blackjack offers online

Talking of the offers, there are way too many that one can choose from. If you are a new player then I would strongly suggest looking out for casinos that have no deposit signup offers. This means that you do not need to make an initial deposit to start playing. Other casinos will allow you to play a number of hands at the blackjack table for free. While these offers are mostly devised to entice new players, they work out very well for those of us who are actually interested in playing, learning and earning from this magnificent game.